3 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Logo

If you found yourself reading this post, you're either interested in building a business or building a brand. It's also possible that you have already determined your business name and are now struggling with deciding where to go from here.

1. First things first...remember less is more! A lot of people think that logos should be extremely creative or elaborate, but think simple.

2. When thinking about colors, start with one or two memorable colors that will standout in a sea of other businesses in your niche.

3. Remember, your logo is representative of your brand.

So now that we have learned what we should keep in mind when designing the logo, let's talk about why they are important.

When it comes to business, I always say start small, but think big. When I make decisions for my business, I often look towards businesses that are already successful. When it comes to "branding", it's not an exception. Let's think about corporations that we frequently use:

If I told you that I was trying to remember the name of a store that logo is the name of the store, it's blue, has like a little star looking object next to it. Most people would know that I am referring to....drum roll please...

Walmart logo
Walmart Logo

Walmart logo with tagline
Walmart Logo with Tagline

white walmart logo on building
Walmart Storefront Logo

That's right...it's none other than Walmart! Have you noticed that Walmart has a few different logos?

Yes all of these belong to Walmart. You see, companies typically have what's called a brand kit. The brand kit usually includes the logo, the primary brand colors, the secondary brand colors, and the brand font. Alternatively, some larger companies have brand guidelines. These guidelines usually include the standards of how the company wants to be represented. The kits and guidelines help to maintain brand consistency. It also helps to show what the company is about and stands for.

Click here for a brand guideline example

Home Improvement Retailer Home Depot's Logo
The Home Depot Logo

Let's take a look at a few other well known brands' logos. The Home Depot is another well known brand. Look at how simple the logo is.

Retailer Target Bullseye
Target Logo

If you were to see this logo, more than likely you would associate it with....TARGET! How appropriate that Target would use the bullseye (target) as the primary representative icon for their brand.

Notice anything about the target dog, Bullseye? He is the brand's mascot. He represents the brand not only with his name but with his color as well. Not to mention his breed is you...You guessed it a "Bull" dog!

I've mentioned a few major retailers, but now let's look at a major brand. One brand that comes to mind is Hefty. I say Hefty because they are a very good example of brand continuity. They are known for trash bags, but also have other products as well.

Look at these images: